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Valley Fast Track

What is Valley Fast Track?

Valley Fast Track is a college program designed for busy people that enables them to complete general education transfer requirements (IGETC) and a degree in about two years. Most courses are offered 100% online.* Fast Track students take up to two courses every eight weeks in Fall and Spring terms. In Winter term students take one course and in Summer term students take up to two classes. Currently, Fast Track students can complete the following degrees:

  • Anthropology Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
  • Business Administration Associate in Science for Transfer Degree
  • History Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
  • Sociology Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree

*Assumes student has already achieved proficiency equivalent to two years of high school in the same foreign language with a grade of C or better; or satisfactory score on SAT II (documentation of high school credit or SAT score required); or one of the following equivalent college courses.  See counselor for other options. FRENCH 002, GERMAN 002, HEBREW 002, ITALIAN 002, SPANISH 002, 035, 036, 35, 037.


The IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) is a pattern of courses that students can use to satisfy Lower-division General Education (GE) requirements at any California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campus. However, completion of the IGETC is not an admission requirement for the CSU or UC, nor is it the only way to fulfill lower-division General Education requirements before transfer. Students should contact a counselor for detailed information.

  • Focus on only two classes at a time.
  • Follow a guided pathway to complete your transfer requirements.
  • Take most of your classes online.
  • Work full-time while completing your education.

  1. Go to the Schedule Page
  2. Click SPRING SEMESTER 2024
  3. Click Spring 2024 – Searchable Schedule of Classes
  4. From the Session drop-down, click either 1st 8 weeks or 2nd 8 weeks
  5. Click on an individual class number
  6. IGETC information (if any) is listed in the box for Enrollment Information